Agency: ContextWest
Design & Direction: Chris Ryckeley, Myself
Copy: Ben Edwards
We created the most authentic IT brand you'll come across.
ANM's brand journey began with internal research that suggested too many IT and support companies look and offer the same old same. They were ready for a makeover, but weren't sure how far to go. Our process began with testing the waters through the logo design. How far did ANM want to push? When they were given a wide variety of options, they went as far from what they had as possible, choosing a look and style opposite of what they were using - modern and bold, with a bright vision for the future.
ANM wanted to create a new, unique look for themselves. Their differentiator - local and personal.
Logo Exploration
​​​​​​​The first was simply a variation that would clean up the current logo. The second and option that referenced networks and the idea of amplification. The third a circuit that played with the New Mexico zia sun symbol. All were passed over for the fourth option, a contemporary take on the map marker.
This mark and it's curve would be used thematically throughout the brand.
Brand Elements
When we put the brand and elements all together, ANM came alive.
The brand is lively and expressive, even playful in a way that reflected the company and how they wanted to be seen. Not just a company that came in and offered innovation, but a company that can be relied on to offer custom care.

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