A brand built for trusted financial education, without the stuffy suit.
Felicity Cooper, a reputable financial advisor with extensive expertise, sought to share her hard-earned knowledge in a relatable way. In the current era rife with get-rich-quick schemes and inexperienced advice-givers, Felicity aimed to establish a trustworthy brand. My secondary objective was to create a brand that authentically captured her essence, infusing her podcast and courses with her vibrant style and seasoned optimism.
Logo Exploration
The logo was a journey with many options and explorations and the end result was a fresh, modern mark that could be applied on any product, from digital to swag.
Sketches came first and once we dialed in on a great concept, colors and style were a breeze to apply to this contemporary business.
Putting the Brand Style Together
Once the logo and colors are chosen, there are still so many ways a professional designer can express a brand through unique elements. I put together options based on typography and colors to make styled components that could be replicated on any platform. From this point, Money Mojo can be handed off as a complete brand and built up through campaigns to really hit the intended audience.

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