Marketing websites and campaigns built for brand trust and recruitment.
The problem
RE/MAX employed a rudimentary approach to lead generation that lacked clear ownership and had been significantly overlooked. This crucial aspect of our operations had been neglected to the point where we maintained only a solitary webpage featuring a basic form aimed at attracting prospective realtors and real estate firm broker/owners to join the franchise.
The solution
I devised a comprehensive lead generation strategy that began with a streamlined initial form and evolved into a multifaceted series of initiatives. This included the swift development of targeted landing pages for social and ad campaigns, as well as the establishment of a framework for projects such as CEO-driven video content and event series that seamlessly integrated with the website.
With help from the franchise team, we implemented Salesforce and Pardot campaigns where we utilized templates to empower the marketing team to efficiently generate customized pages aligned with national ad campaigns and execute drip email campaigns for a wide array of distinct projects.
Getting to the Point
In the early phases of this project, our primary objective was to distill the essence of the RE/MAX brand and uncover the compelling narrative that would resonate with realtors and broker/owners, compelling them to align with our vision. This involved a collaborative effort with a seasoned copywriter and project managers that would oversee ongoing conversions and map out new initiatives.

The Message
Throughout this process, we engaged in a series of rigorous iterations and comprehensive analyses. This involved scrutinizing every aspect of our messaging, from the choice of words to the tone and visual style, ensuring that they align seamlessly with our brand identity.
During the development of this ecosystem, a significant brand overhaul was undertaken. We collaborated closely with both third-party agencies and internal stakeholders to guarantee the consistent application of the updated brand style across various materials and assets. The outcome was a unified messaging approach, adherence to brand standards, and the establishment of a distinct and recognizable RE/MAX style evident in all digital assets.
Sweet Success
The collaboration and efforts of our team led to revamped RE/MAX websites that not only incorporated industry best practices but also emphasized the unique strengths of the brand. By optimizing user pathways and improving the overall user experience, we increased form submissions substantially and engagement on the website. The success was so great that a new department sprang up around recruiting and the Franchise Sales team had never been busier.

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